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Starting any new process is not easy. Let alone one that requires much trust, risk and vulnerability. Above all, who you choose to work with is crucial, so I want you to make the best choice for you. If you’re still unsure, book a FREE CONSULT with me and that may help.

  Though I’ve called Nashville home since just after 9-11. Long Island, NY is my birthplace. But with my deep paternal southern roots it’s felt right down here from day one. In 1992 I received a B.A. in English Lit from Clark University and in 2000, a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from New York University. NYU in particular offered me a growth experience like no other, one I credit it with equipping me to respond effectively to most any human struggle. The years between I spent as a recording and touring musician. It was a beautiful if fraught period that taught me a lot about who I am, who I’m not, about interpersonal dynamics, and also shaped my view of change/growth as both inside job and co-creative process. Grist for the mill as they say. 

Along with psychology, music, and some other near-obsessional passions I’m a lifetime student of the world’s great spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical/esoteric wisdom traditions. How they intersect with modern psychology and science, consciousness studies, afterlife research, and the range of exceptional human experiences and abilities is all part of my quest to better comprehend– and operate in harmony with– the interconnected nature of all things. I believe this outlook aids me in helping people see themselves, others, and the world with new eyes; as an infinite part of a greater, sacred whole– where no one plays an insignificant role. Accordingly, I see the ultimate aim of the therapy as reaching a greater understanding of one’s true self and purpose in the grand scheme of life.

The pursuit of therapy began for me personally in my early twenties, and professionally after exiting the relative insanity of the music business. I credit my (ongoing) personal work with helping me access my Self beneath the rubble of unexpressed childhood grief, depression and some rather epic identity crisis. I credit it further with inspiring and awakening me to my evolving life’s purpose, and just about all else I’ve been able to create and sustain.

For good reasons, I’m a believer in this stuff. And I think that’s a good thing.

On the purely professional front, after volunteering with home-bound elderly and gathering unparalleled experience during field placements working with children, families and adults battling substance abuse, I worked in addictions, psychiatry, and community mental health settings in both New York and Tennessee. In 2005 I was presented with a Distinguished Service Award by the Division of Community Psychiatry at Vanderbilt, which was a great honor.

I opened my own practice in 2007 and work with older teens, adults and the elderly on (with a few exceptions) the entire range of problems in living and loving. I also offer more brief consultation services (via phone, secure video or in-person) for those, including mental health professionals, not necessarily desiring or needing to make a longer commitment to therapy.

If you’re ready, I look forward to meeting YOU where you are on your path.


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