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In more ways than one, the therapy process mirrors life. And in both, the possibilities are as limitless as success is unpredictable. Embracing the uncertainty by taking that initial step marks our first therapeutic accomplishment. From there, a new world awaits. One where trust, safety, honesty, vulnerability, security, empowerment, potential, and truth are not just words, but first-hand experience. When it all aligns, we can begin directly applying the growth-gains to our life, work, and relationships. What else offers such an opportunity?

Two things I know by way of getting started: One: Who you choose to work with is crucial. Two: I can quickly and easily put you at ease about starting therapy. (I’ve been doing that for 20 years now).

 My name is Chris Hancock (you knew that by now I’m sure). I would say I define myself by and through many things– such as being a son, a brother, spouse, uncle, great uncle, and a proudly over-the-top father of two incredible girls from the other side of the globe {that have set my heart on fire!}  Many other things make up who I am, as well. Truth be told, they just pale in comparison to what becoming a parent through adoption means to me. 

I’m originally from Long Island, but with my deep paternal southern roots it’s felt like home since the day I arrived in Nashville, about a month after the 9-11 tragedy. In 1992 I received a Bachelors in English from Clark University, and in 2000, a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from New York University. My NYU training in particular I credit with equipping me to respond effectively to most any human struggle. The years in between I spent as a recording and touring musician. From waiting tables and playing small clubs to a record deal and some big stages, it was a beautiful and fraught time that taught me much about who I am, who I’m not, about psychosocial dynamics, and helped shaped my view of change/growth as both inside job and co-creative process. 

The pursuit of therapy began for me personally in my early twenties, and professionally after exiting the relative insanity of the music world. I credit my ongoing personal work with helping me access my Self beneath the rubble of unexpressed childhood grief, depression and some epic identity crisis. I credit it further with inspiring and awakening me to my evolving life’s purpose, and just about all else I’ve been able to create and sustain.

Professionally, after volunteering with home-bound elderly and gathering unparalleled experience during field placements working with children, families and adults battling substance abuse, I worked in addictions, psychiatry, and community mental health settings in both New York and Tennessee. In 2005 I was presented with a Distinguished Service Award by the Division of Community Psychiatry at Vanderbilt, which was a great honor.

I look forward to meeting YOU where you are on your path.


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